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  • Build & Grow Your Audience

    Learn how to attract a consitent new flow of people into your network and how to reach and target your target market and build a quality network. If you aren't using targeting to get yoru content in front of the right people (which is free not paid advertising) then you are missing out! Again if you are posting and not using ads to build your audience then it will be harder to succeed through social media.

  • Engage Your Audience

    Boost you results from creating convert that resonates with your audiences and drives engagement and leads. Learn how to interact with your network in a meanigful way and establis yourself as an expert in your own field.

  • Monetise your Audience

    Your social media efforst must have an impact on growing and scaling your business and you should awlays be expanding your network and connecting with powerful partners and inlfuencers. It is also important to realise who you can use social networking to sell through leads, customers ultimately increasing profits

Course curriculum

    1. A Message from Business Consort Founder - Dawn McGruer

    2. How to use this course

    1. Introduction - What the course will cover

    1. Part 1

    2. Part 2

    3. Proven Positioning Process {Download PDF}

    1. Building & Growing Your Audience

    2. 3 Ways to Succeed with Social Media

    3. Creating a Social Media Advert at a Glance

    4. LI 8 - Authority

    1. How to engage your audience

    1. How to monetise your content & audience

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